Angie Morton a Sheffield based landscape photographer originates from Durham in the North East of England.

She has lived in Sheffield for more than 20 years, and developed a taste for photography. She decided to to take a photography course several years ago to help spring board her into understanding the functions of a bridge camera, SLR camera, and the dark room. Then she took up the challenge and dared to progress, and stepped into the world of digital photography.





imageThe Painting Project

Angie originally photographed flowers and landscapes, painted them on to canvas using overhead transparencies as an aid.

The photography element took over and the painting took a back seat.






imageThe Photography

Angie has a full time job and tries to get out and about in her spare time. She has run a blog on wordpress since 2012, and named herself ArtyAnge by the suggestion of her partner. The name has stuck.

She enjoys the landscapes local to Sheffield and from her native North East. Her favourite techniques involve long exposure and macro photography.

Most of the work in the portfolio has been photographed using a Canon 550d crop sensor DSLR.

Moving forward, new work will be photographed using a full frame 6d Mark I.


Excited that she can now use her small collection of EF Canon lenses to there full potential. The landscape photography benefiting the most from the wide angle zoom 17-40mm f4 L series lens.

Angie's Favourite digital dark room software is Lightroom and also uses Photoshop, Starstax for star trails and interval cloud scape stacking.

Angie does commissions upon request and has a small collection of work at the Curo Gallery on Middlewood Road in Hillsborough. Bev Coukham the curator does flower preservation and also paints landscapes. Bev is often asked if I can do a particular style, and has referred me for commissions, see the Still Life Photo Album the fruit and the chillies.

Thank you for taking the time to call in to the website. We hope you can find something that has some meaning to you or for a loved one.

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